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Until the late 1940’s the main shopping centre for Margate was on either sides of McCullough Avenue, along Margate Parade.

In 1947 Jack Page established Margate Motors in Oxley Avenue Margate followed by Cossey Motors (Ford Dealers) opposite Margate Motors.
In the late 1950’s Cossey Motors sold their Freehold property to Woolworth’s who set the pattern for a new major shopping centre on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

By the late 1960’s there were over sixty business in the Margate area and it had become obvious that if Margate was to develop into a viable attractive centre
it needed an organisation to watch over and protect the general interests of trade, commerce and industry in the area as well as to promote it as a good place to shop and do business.

On the 3rd February 1970 the Margate Chamber of Commerce was formed at a meeting held in Margate Motors showroom with approximately sixty people
attending at which the office bearers and committee were elected, President Terry White, Secretary Pat Quinn, Treasurer Jack Kent.
The whole purpose of the Margate Chamber of Commerce was based on the philosophy that collective action was and still is much better and has much more strength than individual action.

Margate Chamber of Commerce can claim credit for many achievements in Margate and Redcliffe over the years, some of which are:- Zebra Crossings, extra lighting,
a public toilet block, extra seating, beautification (particularly when Woolworth’s moved to their present position),
Christmas decorations, many submissions to the courts on trading hours, also submissions to the State Governments or Payroll Tax and other Taxation matters.

A major contribution to the formation and running of the Murrumba Regional Development Bureau. The Margate Chamber of Commerce has played its part on many occasions
in promoting the Margate Shopping Centre. The best example of this and the philosophy that collective action is best, is the biggest sale promotion ever held in Margate
in December 1971, when the Margate Chamber with 48 financial members and 19 other businesses (almost 100%) Margate joined together to stage a $2,000 plus promotion.

A Brisbane advertising Agency was employed and worked in close co-operation with Radio Stations 4BH and 4KG and the Redcliffe Herald.
The Promotion was designed as an exciting introduction to the Christmas shopping period; and to appeal to all age groups, men, women and children.
The basis of the promotion was built around a specially made computer which distributed prizes to lucky shoppers to be collected at the shop they were directed to!

The result was that Margate was absolutely packed with shoppers for four hectic days! This was the promotion that many believe established Margate as a viable shopping centre.
The promotion was financed by a special levy on each Business based on the number of employees, as were all promotions in those days.

The December 1971 promotion had almost 100% participation. Over recent years the Chamber has conducted very successful Carols by Candlelight in Woolworth’s Car Park
and donated the proceeds to various Charities in Redcliffe. Industrial Relations and many other legislation changes in recent years have made it increasingly difficult
for small businesses to be profitable. Small businesses should be given special consideration by all levels of Governments
because they are the basis of our free enterprise system and democracy.

It is therefore important that small business support their trade associations such as the Margate Chamber of Commerce,
so that their views and problems can be conveyed to Governments in a united and forceful manner.

Marle Juster O.A.M Life Member
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