So you have decided to buy a new computer or update the one you already have ? Do you know what you want or what you need ? How fast?
How much memory ? What type of screen ? How big a hard drive? What operating system ? What type of modem ? What type of CD ?
What type of Graphics card ? Networked ?

There are many decisions you will need to make and you need the help of a Professional to guide and tailor your computer to your needs.
Not a Salesperson but someone who knows what's available and how it all has to work together, there is a difference between a computer
that is going to be used for high-end games play or Business and one destined for general home use. Lots of other options to be considered,
you deserve a computer tailored to your needs and your pocket.

We can discuss with you your needs then custom build it for you, Install and set up software, configure your Internet connection then deliver and set-up in your home or business and be there to answer your questions.

We then offer on-going support with regular service to keep your investment running the way you want it to.
This personal service is not available through phone or major chain Dealers where you usually have to buy what's on special or offer.

Your computer is built using components sourced from Top Quality Manufacturers and is Fully Checked, Tested and Guaranteed.

So it's your choice, a just average computer that's on special somewhere, or a quality computer, custom built for your needs at a competitive price, by a Local Business established for over 28 years. The decision is yours!

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